RUSH 2017

RUSH is our annual Youth and Young Adults Conference. It is happening February 24-26, 2017 in Kelowna, BC.

Our bands this year are Roar Judah (formerly known as Pursuit Music), Terrance Richmond, Scribe, Morrows and Valley Collective. Another special guest will be professional illusionist Lou Leventhal, and our speaker is Phil Collins.

Bring your friends! Bring everybody!

RUSH Info for Willow Park Church Youth Parents!
Care group sleepovers are Friday night so kids need to bring their gear and be dropped off at KSS at 7:30 pm. (Youth leaders will notify you where your child will be staying, and we will be bussing them to their location.) Pick them up at KSS on Saturday night at 10 pm. Then, drop them off at KSS on Sunday morning at 9 am for breakfast, and pick up at 12 pm.×

Watch this video to see what’s coming.. and get pumped!