Parent Info

We really love your kids and we will do anything to see them thrive and live the abundant life that Jesus offers! We are a youth ministry that is run out of Willow Park Church, a church that meets in multiple locations in the Mission (The South), Rutland (Hwy 33) and Lake Country.

Connecting your youth

Our youth ministry is based 100% on relationships! Although our youth group is very big, the focus of everything we do is relational.

So, each of our students are in care groups with their friends and two or three leaders. They will be called every two weeks and emailed all the time! These leaders are trained to love their students, disciple them, and make sure that they are well connected. Everything we do is based on these relationships.

So, with all that said, we will do anything to help your youth succeed! Our youth are amazing, and so we love to celebrate them and spend tons of time with them! Please contact us anytime if we can tailor our program to help your youth connect.

Big Group Nights

We have Big Group nights every second week (alternating with Care Group nights). Big groups happen at the Rutland location of Willow Park Church (439 Hwy 33). Grades 9-12 meet Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm, and Grades 6-8 meet Thursday nights from 6:30-8 pm.

Care Groups

Our junior high students (Grades 6-8) meet in care groups (also called Booster Juice Groups). These nights are designed for leaders to connect with their youth and build relationship, and also to pray for their students and share from the Bible. Each of our leaders are trained, really love Jesus and love hanging out with youth! They all have agreed to very high standards of integrity and to live a life that is exemplary to our youth. 

Our senior high students (Grades 9-12) also meet in care groups (also called Glow Groups). Kids love our youth group because of the strong relationships with each other and their leaders. These groups are the driving force behind everything we do.

Students always meet every week with the same leaders.


We love and protect our youth like they are our own children! We recognize that with so many students there is always the potential for greater risk, so we are very cautious. We have first aid attendants at every event and retreat. We are also adhering to our COVID-19 safety plan as per provincial guidelines.

Events, Missions Trips and Camps

We strategically place important weekends and events throughout the year to help our students stay grounded as they mature spiritually. Our fall retreats are designed to connect our youth and disciple them. Many new students enter our program after attending an Ark Summer Camp.

The RUSH Youth Conference happens once a year (but was postponed in 2021 due to COVID). The purpose of RUSH is to build youth up and get them excited about life with Christ!

We also have missions trips that take place. Our grades 9 & 10 students can go to Portland Oregon for a week of serving that community and run a VBS, while our grades 10-12 students go to LA to work with various ministries, or go to Watson Lake Yukon to staff Hidden Lakes Bible Camp.


Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to help in any way possible!